SEO Is All About Links And Keywords, Thank Your Lucky Stars

Leave it to Joe Lewis at WebProNews to ask the most impertinent questions:

When you really stop to think about it all, can you really pinpoint any major innovations that have significantly impacted what the engines are looking for when indexing a site’s content? Let’s be honest; it all still comes down to two factors: 1) links and 2) keyword density.

Should SEO even be part of the conversation anymore? The technical aspects have been quite well established and covered ad nauseum. What new information is being offered anymore that truly goes above and beyond the general consensus of knowledge across the board?

SEO is not about innovation. It never has been. True SEOs leave the innovation to the search engines and just piggyback off of those to success.

Mr. Lewis does mention one truth, however. SEO is all about links and keywords. Nothing else matters. That’s what it’s all about and that’s what it’s always been about. It will likely always be about links and keywords and we have Google to thank for that.

If your SEO company isn’t preaching the message of links and keywords as the key to salvation you should dump them immediately. You can incorporate all the multimedia in the world but if your site isn’t crawlable it doesn’t matter. The way to make it crawlable is to give it stickiness with keywords and links. There are various ways to do that but those are the things you must do. Why even think about innovation?

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