Reputations Mean A Lot, Even For New Startups

A man (we’ll call him “Mario Vargas”) approached my search engine optimization company, claiming to be a potential prospect and asking for proposals and sales materials. Since he had an email address from what appeared to be a legitimate website in California, we eventually complied. After some time, “Mario” finally said that his company had decided to go in another direction, even though he had “recommended” us.

Soon after, another prospect of ours (this one actually real) let us know that they had received a proposal from another search engine optimization company in Atlanta, and that this proposal was exactly the same as ours, except that the logos had been changed.

I’m sure this kind of thing happens all the time and there’s really no excuse for it. If a person can’t be intelligent and creative enough to come up with material for their proposals they shouldn’t be in business. Unfortuntately, there are a lot of Marios in the world.

If you are contacted by an SEO company that claims they can do work for you for considerably less than the competition, they may be legitimate but there is a high chance that they are not. Do yourself a favor and check the reputation of any firm you intend to business with. If they are a local company, check the Better Business Bureau or Chamber of Commerce to see if there are any complaints against them. You can also go online to bulletin boards and forums, ask around and see who has heard of them or what kind of reputation they have. You could even go through the extra step of running their proposal through Copyscape to see if they are stealing from their competition. You don’t want to do business with a company that operates that way.

You deserve the best service you can get at the best possible price. If a company is offering you the lowest price on the market it may be because they don’t offer the best service and they know. It it could mean they are upping the bar on competitiveness. That’s where you, as consumer, have to be discerning. Check around first. Do your homework. Reputations mean a lot, even for new startup companies.

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