Home Remedies – Are they really Effective?


If one were to comment on the myriad treatment options available for acne today, then it is best described as bigger the problem, more enhanced is its solution finding approach. Acne is a major problem for both teenagers as well as adults today. There is an abundance of treatment options available in the market today ranging from traditional antibiotics to exfoliations to bactericidals, hormonal treatments, phototherapy, laser, retinoids and much more. All treatments assure complete cure from this problem in an effort to attract the sufferer to invest his or her hard earned money into such products.


One simple solution to the entire acne problem, which is being currently popularized, is treatment using food and vitamins. Foods have been traditionally known to cure various illnesses and disorders in a person but this idea that acne can be treated by using food alone without any other treatment method is certainly a novelty and worth exploring. Also you can read about “before and after aging lips” here



The main idea of this approach is to avoid all kinds of unhealthy, fatty and sugar rich foods that cause acne and create a diet regime which concentrates on fresh fruits, vegetables and water in sufficient quantities. Proponents of this treatment work on the presumption that certain foods cause acne and should be avoided, especially fat and sugar rich foods and processed foods. According to such people, acne is largely caused because of increased intake of processed foods, which is low on nutrient value but high on fat content.


The main problem with this theory is that it oversimplifies the problem. If only curing acne were that easy, people would have been rid of the menace long ago. While eating healthy will definitely aid in reducing acne, it cannot be the only way to treat the disorder. Moreover, healthy eating can help cure acne in cases where it is specifically caused by eating such foods. For example, where a person gets acne by eating red meat, avoiding it will reduce its occurrence. However, such a proposition cannot be a blanket one, applicable to all, largely because there are different types of acne, caused by different reasons and with different intensities. Hence methods used to treat them should also be ideally different. In order to treat acne, there has to be a holistic approach taken, which should ideally include healthy diet along with some external supplement that helps clear the pores and kill the bacteria along with preventing blockage of follicles and creation of pimples. It is only when a total approach is used in cohesion with a balanced diet that pimples can be totally rid off.





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